Monday, February 15, 2010

war vet

i stand alone
surrounded by nazis
me alone hidden
with my m1928 submachine gun
browning hp
and one german stick grenade
the calvary fifteen minutes away
my nerves racing
my hands still calm
the air smelling
like the fourth of july
i slow my breathing

i play psychic
look into the crystal ball
replay my moves
and surprise attack

my handgun at the ready
the trigger to my
thompson wielded to my finger
i unload with ferocity
accuracy and adrenaline
looking like robocop
in fatigues

i take out
shots to the head
bullets chopping off
limbs blowing holes
spreading crimson graffiti
on walls and ceilings

i survive the threat
the hitler threat
bring on the japs
the koreans
the vietcong
the russians
the terrorists
the taliban
al qaeda
the dictators
and their mothers

my war cry piercing
my chest out high
i am a war vet
feel my lead